Adaptive Environments


Adaptive Environments offers stairlift rentals throughout Michigan

Ask about our Rental Program! It’s perfect for short-term needs.

We can install rental units for straight staircases with a three-month minimum.

Adaptive Environments offers a Stairlift Rental Program

We understand that there are times and circumstances when it just makes more sense to rent. If you are recovering from recent surgery for a hip or knee replacement or are dealing with a broken ankle or foot you may need help navigating the stairs during your recovery.

We also have customers that take advantage of our Rental Program during specific times of the year like summer holidays. While hosting their visiting parents or family members who may have limited mobility a Rental Stairlift is a big help with navigating stairs. When their guests leave our customers call us to remove the stairlift and the monthly rental payments stop. We have some customers that use this option year after year.

We have found that our Stairlift Rental Program offers tremendous flexibility for many who do not know how long they might need the convenience and assistance of a stairlift during their recovery by minimizing their financial obligation. The three-month minimum option is less than half the cost of a permanent stairlift installation.

Adaptive Environments also offers a Rent-to-Own Option.

Our customers may choose to convert the rental stairlift to a purchase stairlift when certain conditions and terms have been fulfilled.

We make it easy to rent a stairlift

Call us today at 586.739.9300 to speak with a professional and knowledgeable member of our staff. We can discuss the options of renting versus buying and you can decide what makes the most sense for your specific situation. We are here to help make living at home easier for you.