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Adaptive Environments offers premium home elevators throughout Michigan

Adaptive Environments is pleased to be the premier Michigan dealer for the best quality elevating solutions from Symmetry Elevators.

Why choose Adaptive Environments for your residential elevator?

Adaptive Environments, locally owned and operating for over 35 years, has been the go-to company in Michigan for residential elevator needs for good reason. We are committed to providing our customers with maximum value through the use of high-quality products, skilled technicians, and superior customer service.

We will make it as easy as possible for you and handle nearly all of the details, starting with that first telephone call and initial meeting to each and every one of the subsequent ones. The first step is easy, call 586.739.9300 today and simply ask to speak with a member of our elevator sales staff. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team members will immediately put you at ease assuring that you have made the right telephone call to Adaptive Environments.

Through a series of questions, we will assist you with selecting the best product for your specific application. We are happy to meet with your builder, architect and/or contractor to go over the plans for your elevator. In fact, we encourage these meetings and invite you to our showroom to ride in a fully functioning elevator. You will also be able to view and select various elevator options.

Ideally, the plans for your new residential elevator begin with the blueprints of your home which provide for the shaftway or hoistway for the elevator cab. With an existing home there may still be sufficient space to install an elevator, simply call us to discuss your situation.

Home Elevators are no longer defined as luxury items only for the rich and famous.

Residential elevators provide a practical and efficient means of moving from one floor of your home to the next. Adaptive Environments offers in-home elevators designed to meet the requirements of your home which provide you with more freedom and ease of access. You will also have a wide range of interior cab and lighting options to suit your decorating needs.

Why others just like you chose Adaptive Environments for their residential elevator:

Why Symmetry?

Helping to build the lifestyle you desire; Adaptive Environments offers products from Symmetry Elevating Solutions. Their in-home elevators are beautifully crafted, expertly engineered, and thoughtfully constructed. When style, design, and luxury arrive in the form of an elevator you know it’s the premier line of Symmetry Elevating Solutions residential elevators.

The elevator that Adaptive Environments installs in your home will be both beautiful and safe. Home elevator safety is always our primary concern here at Adaptive Environments when installing your new system.

While home elevators have been seen as a luxury item in the past, today’s home elevators are much more of a necessity. The installation / inclusion of a home elevator for mobility and ease is now becoming the norm in multi-level construction. The home elevator can provide a safe and convenient way to get between floors.

Whether you’re looking at installing a residential elevator for new construction or retrofitting an existing home, you’re looking for superb craftsmanship, expert engineering and long-term quality at an affordable price. Symmetry provides all this. All elevators are custom-built, designed and made in America. The people with such high-quality standards include members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the National Association of Home Builders, and Associated Builders and Contractors.

Residential Elevator – Inline Gear Drive

The Inline Gear Drive Elevator is the elevator to choose when there is minimal space. It requires less space than conventional elevators because it does not require a machine room and is thus defined as a machine room-less system.

This system runs at a speed of 40 feet per minute and has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs.

Residential Elevator – Hydraulic Drive

The Hydraulic Drive Elevator provides the smoothest, quietest hydraulic drive on the market.

Hydraulic systems utilize a ram or piston to raise and lower the cab by filling or releasing fluid into an airtight cylinder.

This system runs at a speed of 40 feet per minute and has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs.

Residential Elevator – Winding Drum

The Winding Drum Elevator is based on early elevator lift assemblies utilizing heavy-duty aircraft cables attached to a rotating drum. The drum is attached to a variable speed motor to move the elevator cab and ensure smooth stops and starts. It is the smoothest and quietest drum drive on the market.

This system runs at a speed of 40 feet per minute and has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs.

Residential Elevator – Luxury Redefined

The Luxury Redefined Elevator is designed as a heavy-duty luxury elevator. It utilizes many of the features of a small commercial elevator and provides fully customizable interiors.

Two hydraulic drive systems are offered:

  • 1,000 lb. capacity with a travel speed of 40 feet per minute
  • 1,400 lb. capacity with travel speeds of 30 or 40 feet per minute

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