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Wheelchair Lifts

Adaptive Environments offers premium platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, and handicap lifts throughout Michigan

A Platform Lift, also referred to as a Wheelchair Lift or Handicap Lift, is designed to raise and lower someone from one level to another while still seated in their wheelchair.

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Wheelchair lifts may be operated either by the user or an attendant. It is one of the most reliable alternatives for people wanting to access elevations. There are two types of platform lifts: vertical and inclined. They are available in a variety of models with a range of weight-bearing capacities to accommodate a regular wheelchair or a power wheelchair.

Adaptive Environments is proud to install premium products to assist people with mobility restrictions and challenges.

We have installed and serviced thousands of lifts in Michigan in both commercial buildings and private residences for over 35 years. We understand and can guide you to conform to the different code requirements between public buildings and residential settings.

Types of Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts travel vertically, up and down from one level to another. They are available with either hydraulic or lead screw drive mechanisms. We offer open, enclosed, or shaftway models with different lifting heights and weight capacities. Some models provide for various entry and exit configurations. Vertical platform lifts can be installed in your home, garage or adjacent to a porch or deck.

Inclined Platform Lifts

An inclined platform lift is designed to travel on an incline, usually over a flight of stairs or sometimes over a hill or other inclined surface. These lifts can carry a person in a wheelchair, or on a built-in fold-out seat. Our inclined lifts are a good alternative to installing an enclosed lift or elevator in the home due to cost or construction requirements. Inclined platform lifts are especially useful in buildings without a suitable location for a vertical platform lift. Because an inclined platform lift may utilize the existing stairway as its runway floor space is conserved.


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