Wheelchair Lifts: Ann Arbor & Bloomfield Hills

Wheelchair lifts and home elevators provide solutions for users with mobility issues

Residential platform lifts come in two varieties: vertical and inclined. Wheelchair lifts are user-friendly and safe to use. Platform lifts can be installed inside and/or outside the home depending on your needs and requirements.

If you need a wheelchair lift or platform lift for your home, your school, your office or your church then you should speak to the experts at Adaptive Environments. They specialize in mobility solutions such as wheelchair lifts, platform lifts, home elevators, stairlifts and ceiling lifts. Home mobility products offer users greater freedom and independence.

Another home improvement concept that is growing in popularity is the home elevator. Residential elevators are no longer simply for the rich and famous. A home elevator can offer solutions to users with mobility issues. Residential elevators can be designed and installed according to your needs and the requirements of your home. They have a variety of cab and lighting options giving you greater options in terms of aesthetics and d├ęcor. A residential elevator also adds property value to multi-level homes.