Wheelchair Lifts in Livonia, MI

Available wheelchair lifts

Having difficulties when dealing with the physical disabilities of your older family members? Today many of us have time limitations that affect our efforts when helping those family members with physical disabilities. Many wheelchair users are no longer able to climb up and down the stairs or to walk unaided over long distances. If this is your situation you may want to consider installing a wheelchair lift in the home.

There has been a huge demand for wheelchair lifts which offer independence and allow easier access in and around buildings. A wheelchair lift, also known as a platform lift, is a mechanical device used to lift a seated wheelchair occupant/user from one level of a home or building to another. In many multi-level buildings and homes there may not be enough space for the installation of an elevator. When space is at a premium or nonexistent a wheelchair lift may be the answer.

Adaptive Environments has been providing accessibility solutions for both commercial and residential projects in Michigan since 1985. Platform lifts offer accessibility solutions for school stages, restaurants, worship venues, and residential settings.

There are two types of wheelchair or platform lifts:

  1. Inclined: Inclined Platform Lifts typically follow the configuration of a staircase, at an angle, and are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are designed for those people who use a wheelchair and are unable to climb or descend stairs. Inclined platform lifts can be found anywhere – residences, churches, schools and luxury hotels.
  2. Vertical: Vertical Platform Lifts move a seated wheelchair user vertically up and down, from one level to another. They are usually customized to suit any commercial or residential building application.

To ensure that you purchase the best quality wheelchair lift contact Adaptive Environments. Never compromise on the quality.