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Wheelchair Lifts in Michigan

Accessibility products are some of the most useful items a person with a disability could have.

If you are confined to a wheelchair due to a disability, you know how hard it is to get around on your own. It gets even more difficult to get between floors in your home while you are alone. Luckily, that is why there have been innovations in technology that help people in wheelchairs get everywhere they need to go. Adaptive Environments is the best place in Michigan to find accessibility products to help you live life as conveniently as possible, and we offer a great solution for you to get between floors in your wheelchair: a platform lift.

Platform Lifts Provide Assistance in or Outside of your Home or Office

Wheelchairs are wonderful products that make it effortless to get around. They provide a wonderful service to people with disabilities by allowing the user to transport themselves with minimal effort. The problem is, however, is that wheelchairs are often stopped in their tracks by elevated ground. Going between floors is extremely difficult for a wheelchair user without a person’s help, adding a sense of dependency to the wheelchair-bound person. This is why a platform lift can be an extremely useful tool for those that need that extra boost to get to the next level in their Michigan home or office.

A platform lift makes it easy to get between floors with a wheelchair because it does not require any heavy lifting from a person. A wheelchair-bound person can use the lift on their own safely and easily. A platform lift transports the user from one level to the next regardless of the length between floors. It does so in a safe way by providing walls of safety for the user, making the wheelchair unable to roll off of the lift during the transportation.

These lifts are durable and long lasting, built with quality materials made to be reliable for the user for many years to come. You can use these lifts inside your home or office with no problems, but you can use these for outdoor purposes as well. These lifts are heavy duty and can hold their own in Michigan’s outdoor weather conditions, making them great to get from ground level to up your porch with no problems at all.

Get your Platform Lift from Adaptive Environments Today!

If you are disabled and in need of an extra boost to get you between floors, a platform lift will provide you with the help you need. They allow you to safely continue to be independent and make it easy to get you and your wheelchair anywhere that you need to go. The most reliable platform lifts in Michigan can be bought right here at Adaptive Environments, where we only deal in high quality accessibility products. We provide in-home consultations for our products with our certified staff members, making the process as easy as possible for you. If you are interested in finding out more about our platform lifts, contact us today and schedule your in-home evaluation. We look forward to serving you!