Wheelchair Lifts in Northville, MI

Wheelchair lifts and home elevators offer access and mobility solutions.

People with handicaps such as those in wheelchairs often face mobility obstacles in multi-level homes. Wheel chair lifts and home elevators offer a solution to those who would otherwise not be able to move between different levels of a home. If you need a wheel chair lift or home elevator in Michigan then Adaptive Environments can help.They offer a variety of wheelchair lifts (aka platform lifts) as well as home elevators that will make it easy for a handicapped person to move from one level to another. When it comes to wheelchair lifts there are two main types namely vertical and inclined.

Vertical platform lifts are ideal for providing access to a raised deck or porch and for this reason they are often called porch lifts. They can also be installed inside your home to prove floor to floor access. Inclined wheelchair lifts are designed to navigate a flight of stairs. An inclined platform lift can transport a wheelchair and passenger up or down a flight of stairs as it travels along a rail system that is mounted to the stairway. This a viable alternative to the home elevator since it requires minimal construction and can be attached to a variety of stair types including curved and spiral stair cases. Platforms lifts, whether vertical or inclined, are safe and easy to use and are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

Home elevators are also great for making access between floors easier. They can be of benefit to the handicapped as well as people without handicaps. You will need a shaft way or hoist way to accommodate the elevator cab and the team at Adaptive Environments will be able to advise you whether or not you have sufficient space.

Apart from providing easy access between different levels of your home, home elevators also add to the value of your home as they add convenience and luxury.