Bloomfield Hills, Grand Rapids, Livonia MI home elevators

Access lifts such as wheelchair lifts and home elevators in Michigan.

Wheelchair lifts or platform lifts is an all access lift that transport a passenger and a wheelchair. The passenger can remain in his or her wheelchair when using the lift. Adaptive Environments supplies and installs wheelchair lifts, home elevators and a variety of access lifts in and around Michigan.There are two main types of platform lifts. Vertical wheelchair lifts go straight up and down like a regular lift. Inclined wheelchair lifts can be installed along a staircase and can transport a user and a wheelchair up or down the stairways. Inclined wheelchair lifts are a good option if a building cannot accommodate a vertical lift. These lifts can also fold away which helps to keep the stairs open for normal use. Platform lifts can be installed for indoor or outdoor use. There are models suitable for commercial use as well as residential use. Access lifts whether in the form of wheelchair lifts, stair lifts or home elevators are easy to install and require little if any building work. Access lifts are safe to use and provide a cost-effective way for people with mobility issues to move between different levels of a building.

Home elevators might be thought of as luxury items and the preserve of the wealthy. But this is not true, not anymore anyway. Home elevators provide a real solution for people with mobility problems. Residential elevators can be custom designed and made to meet your needs and to blend into your home. For example, you can select from a wide range of cab and lighting options. The main requirement for a home elevator will be planning for a place the shaft way that houses the cab.

Many new multi-level homes are now built with home elevators as a standard feature.