Home elevators in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Southfield, MI

Wheelchair lifts and home elevators can solve your mobility problems

Wheelchair lifts are a life saver for people who are wheel chair bound. This type of lift is also known as a platform lift. Wheelchair lifts can easily transport a person from one level to another while that person remains in his or her wheelchair. Platform lifts are available as vertical or inclined and you can select from a range of models.

Wheelchair lifts are easy to operate and this can be done by the individual or a caregiver or attendant. Platform lifts are also safe and can used inside or outside your home. Wheelchair lifts are suitable for both residential, commercial community purposes. For example they can be used in a home, a school, a commercial building, a college, a church and more.

Home elevators are often considered as expensive luxury items but this does not have to be the case. Yes you do get fancy hardwood finished home elevators that project opulence and wealth. However home elevators can also provide and affordable and practical means for handicapped people to move from one level to another.

Home elevators can provide you with freedom of movement and access in your home. They can also be designed and customized to match the specific space, design and architecture of your home. You can also select from a wide range of cabs and lighting options

Whether you need a wheelchair lift, a stair lift or a home elevator, the experts at Adaptive Environments can help you with right mobility solutions for your circumstances and your home.