Home elevators in Grand Rapids, Livonia and Rochester, MI

Wheelchair lifts and home elevators solve mobility issues.

If you are wheelchair bound and unable to access different levels is your home, then a wheelchair lift or home elevator could be a solution. Adaptive Environments supplies wheelchair lifts and home elevators in the Michigan area. A wheelchair or platform lift can transport a passenger and a wheelchair from on floor to another. This means you can remain seated in your wheelchair when using a platform lift.Inclined platform lifts can transport wheelchair passengers up or down a flight of stairs. Your get inclined wheelchair lifts for straight stairs, curved stairs and stairs with intermediate landings.

Vertical wheelchair lifts go straight up or straight down and can provide easy access to raised entries, elevated decks or different floors in your home. Platform lifts can be installed for indoor or outdoor use. Wheelchair lifts are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Home elevators also provide a good solution for people with mobility issue. Now you might think you have to be pretty rich to afford a home elevator, but that is not true. Home elevators are now more affordable than ever and provide an effective and practical way for you or loved ones to move from one floor to another.

Home elevators can be custom designed to fit inside your home and to blend in with your d├ęcor and interior design. For example, you choose from a variety of cab designs, finishes and lighting options. A home elevator not only makes access possible, but also makes life easier all round since it offers multiple applications. You can now easily transport small items such as groceries or boxes between the levels in your home. A home elevator will also add financial value to your property.

Both wheelchairs lifts and residential elevators offer practical solutions that help overcome mobility issues.