Wheelchair lifts in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Farmington, MI

Wheelchair lifts and home elevators solve mobility issues.

Wheelchair lifts and home elevators are often essential mobility solutions for handicapped people and people who have difficulty navigating between different elevations and levels of their homes.Adaptive Environments is an accredited supplier, distributor and installer of mobility solutions in Michigan, including wheelchair lifts and home elevators. Their highly skilled and professional technicians will ensure that your mobility equipment will be installed to the highest standards. They will also maintain and repair your mobility equipment e it a platform lift, a home elevator, a stair lift or a ceiling lift.

Wheelchair lifts are also known as platform lifts and are designed to safely transfer a wheelchair and passenger between levels or elevations of your home. A platform lift can easily raise or lower you between levels without the need to leave your wheelchair. Wheelchair lifts are safe and easy to operate. They can be operated by the user or an attendant. Platform lifts can be used indoors or outdoors and are available in different models. These include vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts. They can be used in residential homes, public buildings, schools, churches, colleges and similar facilities.

Home elevators are not only for wealthy people. You can now get affordable home elevators that will enable you to easily access different floors of your home. They also help to make daily life easier and more convenient. You can get a home elevator that is custom made to fit your home in terms of space, d├ęcor and aesthetics. For example you can choose from various cab options, lighting options as well as different dive systems.

Home elevators help solve mobility issues and also add value to your home. Home elevators are safe and easy to use and are often a viable alternative to certain stair lifts.