Wheelchair lifts in Saginaw, Traverse City and Lansing, MI

Stairlifts and wheelchair lifts offer mobility solutions at affordable costs.

Stairlifts and wheelchair lifts can solve mobility issues you face in your home. Adaptive Environments are experts in the field of mobility and they can help your stairlifts or wheelchair lifts in Ann Arbor MI, Bloomfield MI, Detroit, Farmington MI, Grand Rapids MI or Grosse Pointe MI.Stairlifts are also known by other names such as chairlifts or stair chairs. Whatever you call them they all refer to the same thing – a chair that glides along a track attached to a stairway. If you or a love one is unable to walk up or down a flight of stair in your home, then you should seriously consider a home mobility solution such as a chair lift or a home elevator.

Stairlifts are not unaffordable and there are payment plans as well. Your supplier can install one in a matter of hours, thereby giving you back the access and freedom of movement in your home that you deserve. Now you might think that because you have curved stairs or stairs with landings that a stair lift won’t be possible for you. That is not true – you get chair lifts for straight stairs, curved stairs, spiral stairs and stairs with landings.

Stair lifts also have features that make them really useful such as battery power, user-friendly controls, remote control, safety features, design option and fold-away. A stair lift is designed to transport a single passenger up or down a flight of stairs. But what if you are wheelchair bound?

Well there are solutions for people who need to remain in their wheel chairs. They are called wheelchair lifts. A wheelchair lift is designed to transport a person in a wheelchair between levels of your home. Wheelchair lifts are also called platform lifts and the experts at Adaptive Environments can explain all the options such as vertical or inclined options. Wheelchair lifts can be a great addition to a home, a church, a school, a college or a commercial building.