Why You Should Consider Getting a Stairlift

Disabilities can hinder you from everyday routine activities.

You Can Buy or Rent From Us

Disabilities can be permanent or temporary. Purchasing a stairlift can be helpful if you have a permanent disability, such as one that comes with age. Purchasing can be convenient for one that needs it because it allows you permanent ownership of your stairlift. Once paid off, you can use your stairlift for the foreseeable future without the worry of having to pay your bill. Your stairlift will always be yours!

With a broken leg or torn muscle that can heal in a few weeks to a couple months, you likely would not need to have a stairlift permanently installed in your home. That is why a rental may be the best option for you. With a rental, you can get all the convenience and mobility that a permanent purchase will get you, but for a limited amount of time.

They Provide Better, Safer Mobility

A stairlift, also known as a chairlift, makes it much easier to get up and around your stairs if you have trouble doing so. If you have trouble walking up and down stairs due to a disability, a stairlift can solve that problem by allowing you to sit down while it takes you up (and down) your stairs. Our comfortable chairs are attached to a railing that allow the lift to travel along, giving you a smooth, easy ride up and down flights of stairs.

Going up and down stairs can be tough or near impossible if you are physically unable to do so. Risks of falling or overexertion are high if you attempt to do so without help. With a stairlift, you do not run the risk of physically injuring yourself. The lifts are safely installed and inspected by certified technicians.

Adaptive Environments Takes Care of All the Work for You

Adaptive Environments has the highest quality stairlifts around. We take care of everything, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. We have friendly, knowledgeable staff that can help you to make a decision as to what is the best choice for you. After that, we send one of our certified, highly trained technicians make a visit to your home to install the lift. It does not stop there, however. You can also schedule repairs and routine maintenance with us when your stairlift needs a quick fix or checkup. With our people doing the work, you do not have to worry about a thing!

Adaptive Environments is a licensed elevator contractor and multiple award-winning dealer. If you need a lift and live in the lower Michigan area, give us a call today!